Thursday, January 17, 2013

Healthy Choices.

In Healthy Choices (My game) you, the player, are an explorer looking for the treasure of a lost city. Within the treasure chest, you find all sorts of items that seem to help others live healthy.
The game is created in Adobe Flash 2.0 and is coded using action script. For researching, I used google that lead me to several choices that explained the importance to eating healthy. Choosing the food ingredients for my game was challenging. I wanted to use some simple yet really impacting traits such as a animation or points or even a magnifying glass. These are some of the challenges in choosing my game ingredients. Now, for coding challenges, some problems where the coding, for having to turn my game into a movie clip was very difficult. The coding had to be altered, and the coding itself was difficult. Having to alter the code in order to read the code within the movie clip was even more difficult. Over all, this game was hard and it was worth it.

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